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Swiss Serum Facial     

1 hour  –  £40.00

Swiss serums are a cocktail of plant extracts which are designed to renew and freshen your skin from the inside out.

Balance Mousse Facial     

1¼ hours –  £52.00

An ideal facial for all skin types to balance and rehydrate the skin. 

Swiss Purifying Facial     

1¼ hours –  £50.00
This ultra-pure blend rehydrates and balances your skin, leaving you with crystal clear skin. Suitable for all ages

Vitamin Antioxidant Facial     

1¼ hours –  £52.00

Capillary Balm Facial     

1¼ hours –  £52.00
A facial to combat damaged capillaries which soothes and softens skin. A wonderful healing treatment.

Collagen Facial     

1¼ hours  –  £50.00
A unique mask treatment. A pure sheet of collagen is applied to the face to produce immediate results. Collagen is intensely moisturising and softens fine lines. The effect is total re-hydration.

Vegan Green Caviar Facial

1¼ hours  –  £52.00
A fully plant based anti-ageing facial containing the superfoods for your skin.  Caulerpa Algae, Japanese Sea Grape.


Hyaluronic Facial     

1¼ hours  –  £52.00
Hyaluronic Acid increases the skin moisture and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Suitable for all skin types, even very sensitive.
Free serum to take home.


Teen Facial     

1 hour  –  £30.00
A deep cleansing steam facial that is ideal for problem teenage skin.

Luminosity Facial    

1¼ hours  –  £52.00
A lightening and brightening treatment for all skin types. Helps to reduce
pigmentation, adds moisture, nourishes and soothes the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Includes hand treatment.

Acerola Vitamin Power Plus Facial

1¼ hours  –  £52.00

A fantastic anti-ageing treatment containing vitamins A, C and E. Products
have an immediate and long lasting effect. Suitable for all skin types.

Phyto Gold Facial

1¼ hours  –  £60.00

This facial combats photo-ageing, hormonal and chronological skin ageing. It
delays ageing of essential skin cells and improves the vitality of skin stem cells.
Includes hand treatment.

Skin Whisperer Facial

1¼ hours  –  £62.00
A new and powerful anti-ageing Mila D'Opiz complex. This facial reverses the
skin ageing process and boosts collagen and elastin. The products used
contain four plant stem cells.

Skin Rejuvination Facial

1¼ hours  –  £55.00
This treatment includes 30 minutes of microdermabraision, 15 minutes of A-Lift lymph drainage, 15 minutes of skin rejuvenation and a 15 minute Swiss facial massage.

Skin Booster Facial

1¼ hours  –  £60.00

Bio RePeel Cl3®
LED Light Therapy
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